Best cheap flight finder sites

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Budget-friendly trips possible with best cheap flight finders.

International traveling is the dream of the common man.

We work hard to gather money on our lifestyle. AND international traveling is the dream from our childhood.

There are several websites that provide deals and offers on AIRLINE TICKETS.But before purchasing the air tickets just go through the hacks to get cheap flights for your next vacation. Sometimes you may get flight for free(nobody knows about it)

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11 hacks to buy cheap flight tickets

  1. Normally every Monday evening mostly all airline companies announce the deals and offer on flight booking. The next day on Tuesday till noon most of them get announced all the deals. So according to others all airlines announces their deals. Therefore, flights are cheaper on Tuesdays evening. The best time of purchase is Tuesdays at 3 p.m. EST.
  2. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the cheapest days for flight booking whereas Friday and Sundays are the most expensive for national and international flight booking.
  3. It is always advisable to purchase flight tickets in advance. Even if that time also airline tickets are at a low price. Always avoid last moment booking.
  4. Purchase your airline tickets only when your plan for traveling is fixed like destination site, leaves, fund, etc because you may or may get a refund plus you may charge a penalty.
  5. Airline tickets price changes according to the season also… off-season tickets may cost lower than on season.
  6. According to day progress, airlines update their fares, usually rolling out new fares after midnight.
  7. Don’t do procrastination. Airlines give options for advance booking prior to 3, 7, 14, and 21 days. Book at a cheap price otherwise as the date of departure arrives tickets cost increases.
  8. The cheap flight finder sites are very smart. If you check every time flight fares get slightly higher. This is because they used your cookies/history. So, it is advisable to use private browsing mode or incognito mode.
  9.  Avoid Weekends, mornings, and evening flights. Generally, people don’t want to waste a whole day. So they preferred weekends or  Morning or evening flights. Sometimes their prices are also high. Whereas, at noon flights are comparatively cheaper and no rush also.
  10. Avoid booking a round trip. You can apply a demand-supply rule. When you take one ticket for the round trip, demanding one more ticket automatically. So airlines may give a discount.
  11. Discount On airline tickets for students and senior citizens. Students must be above 12 years with a valid student ID is mandatory at the time of check-in for verification. Students get 6%off on base fare and allow extra 10kg luggage (need to inform prior 7 days). Senior citizens above the age of 60 will get 6% off on the base fare.
Cheap flight ticket

11 Best cheap flight finder sites:

There are tons of websites available for booking airline tickets.So we may get confused which is the best and legit site.These sites are called OTA – Online travel agencies.

Keep in mind that no flight search engine gives guarantee to the best price of booking the ticket, you have to mix the resources and take benefits of deals and offers. Don’t rely on one single site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Southwest fares are not sold on these booking sites or on OTA’s. Even some other airlines like JetBlue have stopped selling tickets on a dozen smaller travel websites to reduce company cost.

Here are the top selected 3 best cheap flight search engines. It helps you to compare the fares before you book the tickets.

Need cheap flight deals-You Must know

Airline analysts predict that flight fare may rise to sky throughout 2021 as the pandemic subsides.

COVID -2019 badly affects the airline industry. airline analysts hope air travel rebound in 2021 especially after the discovery of covid vaccines. If you need cheap flight fare..this may help you

Winter : Dates to Avoid 

January: Jan 22-30 is especially when the flight fare falls.Rest of the dates nothing to avoid.

February: Flights fare around Valentine’s Day are very high.Need to avoid .Rest of the dates nothing to avoid.

March:Avoid.This month having rising flight fares throughout the month.You may keep eye on Tuesday declarations.

Spring : Dates to Avoid

April: Avoid weekend flights,flight fares rise about 40% over week days.

May: Flight Fares may creep up, and the end of the may rise in fares as school vacations also start.

Early June: Avoid on 13th of June and beyond due to Pre-summer season. Flight fare may rise.

Dates to Avoid in Summer

Late June: Avoid from 22nd June and beyond, as peak summer season and flight fares are as high as sky.

July: Avoid full month if possible.

August: Avoid till 24th August, then flight fares start falling to cheaper.Keep eye on flight finder sites.

Fall and Winter : Dates to Avoid

In this season except “THANKSGIVING” ON 28TH NOV ,”CHRISTMAS” ON 25TH DEC AND “NEW YEAR” 1ST JAN will be highly expensive.

Generally,airlines do not manage flight fares beyond nine months.Normally, three month in advance for domestic flights and about five months advance for transatlantic flights advisable.

Europe : Dates to Avoid

You must know the special dates for EUROPE.

March 20: Try to fly early because flight fare may rise in Spring.

May 22: High flight fare due to pre-summer.

Late June: Peak summer season, flight fare may arise, but the good news is this, you will get a bit cheaper in July or in late August and even in September depending upon the route. August and September are the cheapest months to fly.

Expensive Days

Sometimes you can’t change the plan according to rising flight fare, but then also you may get a chance to cut the fare expenses.

  1. Try to compare with two-three cheap flight finder sites.
  2. Try to adjust your traveling with the above AVOID DAYS to get cheap flights. Keep eye on flight fare drop.
  3. Try for a cheaper destination. 
  4. While flying within the same country, the fare of a roundtrip is equal to the sum of two one-way fares. But if you are traveling internationally, roundtrip fare may get a better deal depending upon the individual airline.
  5. Non-stops vs. connecting flights: According to convenience non-stop flights are better to avoid stress of change flights,collect luggage and move on. But for flight fare, you can find better deals on connecting flights (often you may get). For international or long route flight researchers found 50% cheaper than non-stop.Keep eye on cheap flight finder sites.

Do you know Hacker fare saves your money?

You might know that two one-way flights can save your money, but honestly finding a perfect match between two flights is very difficult and not always saves your time and money.

But KAYAK’s Hacker Fares help you in this situation. It works for you and shows the result of combo can try it…afterall decision is completely yours.

Important four things for planning

No matter where your destination trip is, go through with proper planning..

Travel insurance

The Ultimate Guide for standard carry-on size.

  1. Keep all booking receipts neatly in an itinerary.
  2. Keep an eye on real-time check-in,flight status and entry gates.
  3. Keep access to the itinerary without internet connection.
  4. Keep your memories in the form of photos and videos. Share it with your family and friends.
Best seat

11 hacks to get the best airplane seat.

There are different seats in different coach.There some typically considered the best seat like seats close to the front,exit rows or aisle or windows seat.

  1. A frequent Flyers program:If you fly at least 25,000 actual air miles in a year with a particular airline or its partner you may get seat upgrades.
  2. Early booking:Most of the best airplane seats go quickly. Pre-assignments dwindle near the travel date.According to SeatGuru you can’t choose good seats day before or on the same day.Try flights on Tuesday and Wednesday ,when there is a less rush,then you may get a chance to select a good seat.
  3. Purchase a seat:If you are traveling with kids or senior citizens , then it’s better to purchase the seat as per the comfort.
  4. Select your seat when you book a flight: Many airlines allow you to choose a seat while you purchase the flight ticket.Many airlines give free of cost but in some you have to pay extra fees.
  5. Confirm your seat at the time of  check-in:Some airlines allow passenger check in before 24 hrs of flight.At that time you can confirm your seat.Some times the airline gives a last-minute offer for discounted upgrades on premium economy and business class seats.You can set up a seat alert through A single alert is free, but subsequent alerts are charged at $0.99 each.
  6. Get to the airport early:There are different guidelines as per the airlines. If you check -in too late at your gate, you may lose your seat. Airline can allot to other paseenger.
  7. Avoid awkwardness: If you don’t book or want to change seats, don’t feel awkward. You can directly ask for the suggestions.
  8. Be specific: Specific is terrific.If you know your choice you are interested,inform the travel agent to get it done for you instead misdirect them like”i want good seat”,”i need window seat” etc.
  9. Disability or medical condition of passenger: Informed agent well in advance.
  10. Sweet tongue : Your approach towards airline agents is also important. They can help you smile.
  11. Group travel: if you are traveling in a group,first decide who will seat at the window or anywhere.

Last but not the least, airline fares depend on demand, availability, and season.

Get cheap flight easily

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