Best online booking sites for the hotels

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Best online booking sites for the hotels, search here, you are in the right place.

Whichever place you want to go across the global first thing needs to search for the best online booking sites for hotel booking, flight booking, rental cars, and cruises .these are three important reservations that need to be done first when you planning a trip with family and friends. Once you sign up with these sites you will get the immediate notification for deals and offers on booking.

Some are worldwide famous sites like gives information about discounted hotel booking, discounted luxury hotel booking, their currency, days offers..You can check reviews and video testimonials before to avoid the last-minute hassle of trying to find the best hotel in the destination or doing enquiry with the car drivers.

Note : It is important to know about travel insurance and carry-on bag size according to different airlines.

You just go through the different sites and search for your destination, don’t rely on a single site.Find best deals on hotel booking

You may get combo offers like if you book flight tickets and hotel booking on the same site, you may get extra days to stay or cash discount, anything, and you enjoy your budget traveling with family and friends.

The best strategy for a budget trip is to compare the fares in best online booking sites for hotels, flights, rent-a-car.

Best online booking sites for the hotels

Note: You have to visit the hotel’s own website because sometimes offers and deals not shown on third-party websites. The hotel’s own website gives great discounts and package deals at the time of booking.

11 Best online booking sites for the hotel.

  • Kayak
  • Priceline
  • HotelsCombined
  • Expedia (which owns Travelocity and Orbitz)
  • Agoda
  • TripAdvisor
  • Trivago
  • Google
  • Hotwire

There are plenty of resources available on market. We thoroughly searched the hotel metasearch engine and sent you company details. Sometimes it’s very overwhelming to search reliable legit sites. These details can be helpful to you to figure out the best online booking sites for hotels. Sometimes you will get a discount on a second purchase. Keep eye on it.

Important: Always check the cancellation policy/refund policy of hotel booking, just in case your plan changed or cancelled.

1. :

REVIEW OF BOOKING.COM is a Dutch online travel agency headquartered in Amsterdam.The Netherlands. The website is available in 43 languages convenient for global researchers and has over 28 million listings. Completed 25 years of trust, so reliable and safe as others totally keeps personal details of guest confidential.

Best online booking sites for the hotels

Free cancellation for all rooms. This is very important because of no penalty for cancellation on most of all the rooms, particularly for a last-minute booking. (Read cancellation policy before booking)

No hidden fees. The prices displayed on site are the final price, don’t add any administration charges. Only taxes differ from time to time.

Book hotel rooms on the move. Whatever you can do on the website you can do on an app. Both websites and apps are nicely designed, updated very frequently, and easy to use. Genius. This is one of the free membership programs of hotels booked by This program gives additional discounts, freebies like free airport transfer and welcome drinks, etc after your 5th booking.

24/7 customer has really good support if any issues found. Mostly they try your smooth journey.

Price match with hotels. Guaranteed prices match with hotels and

Over 93 Million Reviews: Reviews of gives an unbiased insight into features and benefits


2. Kayak


Kayak is often found cheap booking for flight tickets because the airlines is selling some cancelled seats at lower rates.

Best online booking sites for the hotels

Kayak Hacker Fares are safe. Kayak Hacker fares are a combination of one-way flights which are cheaper than a round trip (can be on separate airlines)

Kayak hotel booking potentially cheaper than a national brand for short-term.



Priceline fare bid valid for 11 months and even book longer stay close to your departure.

Best online booking sites for the hotels

Priceline #Express Deals” and “Name your own price” works perfectly for trips like vacations, family reunion, wedding, etc

The worst part is, Priceline does not allow change of date-time or destination once you pay. Cancellation is not allowed.

REVIEW OF HOTELS.COM, L.P. is part of the EXPEDIA GROUP of travel companies. Across Europe Expedia Group having its own premises. Hotels. co gives travelers a wide range of selections for independent and major chain hotels.

Best online booking sites for the hotels having more filter search like a pet friendly hotel,3-star and above ,free parking and Wi-Fi.

Gift cards from Amazon can get you credit on You can combine the balance of gift cards with your hoard of gives rewards like a free night for every 10 nights of stay.

You can earn points with 8 hotel chains but you won’t gain points through any Hilton/Hyatt/IHG/SPG/Marriott points.

To avail gift card facility , you must pay while your booking.

Mostly the price is same with original website and third party websites.

5. HotelsCombined:

REVIEW OF HotelsCombined.COM

At HotelsCombined, we know that booking accommodation online isn’t easy, but we believe it should be. Having to trawl through a hundred websites looking at a thousand ‘deals’ can be overwhelming and complicated. At the end of the day, you just want to know you’ve booked the hotel that’s right for you – at the best possible price.

Best online booking sites for the hotels

We saw the opportunity to do something about this. Since then we’ve been working hard to find you the best hotel deals.

6.Expedia (which owns Travelocity and Orbitz)


Asia’s best online portal is .It gives extensive selection of hotels,travel services for budget traveling.

Best online booking sites for the hotels

The website is operated by BEX Travel Asia Pte. Ltd., BEX Travel is licensed under the Travel Agents Act of Singapore (Cap. 334) under license number 02420.

The cancellation policies of are more stringent.

If you combines flight booking and hotel hotel booking give maximum 43% discount (T&C APPLY).

BOOK NOW PAY LATER scheme runs by Normally budget gets disturbed while offers monthly installment schemes. having different different travel insurance policies. to know more click here for travel insurance. offers last minute booking offers.

24 hour window open for trip cancellation. There is no hidden fees.



Agoda is safe,legit,reliable and secure. Agoda is the trusted brand in Asia using millions of people in daily basis.

Agoda accepts PayPal and most trusted credit cards and debit cards as well..Instant and fast check-in. Sometimes charges are less than or Airbnb.

No hidden fees.But service charges applied .

If you find low fare for hotel booking,try to extend the stay, never get such discounts again.

Best time to book is morning 5 am to 7am. If your flight coming at nights ,it’s better stay one night in hostel. is a easy to navigate website.Lots of rooms avaiable according to choice,time and money.

Booking process with 4 simple process.

Offers coupons and deals that save you money.

Email confirmation is necessary.

Saves your credit card/debit card/paypal information secure and confidential.




Trip advisor. the worlds largest platform.Nearly about 400 million travelers uses tripadvisor.

TripAdvisor site and app is user friendly with 859 million reviews.

There are huge availability of airlines,hotels,retaurants and crusises.

Tripadvisor is the ultimate portal available in 28 languages.

Cheapest price available most on own website.

Hotel managers responds the review whether it is good or bad.

24/7 customer support system available.

Regular updates new places,offers and deals on website as well as on the app.

9. Trivago


Trivago found in 2005 by 3 university friends: Rolf Schrömgens, Peter Vinnemeier, and Stephan Stubner in Germany. Today’s leadership management consists of CEO Axel Hefer, CFO Matthias Tillmann, CTPO James Carter, and CPO Anja Honnefelder. Trivago is fast-growing start-up.

Following is the inforgraph of

trivago infograph

The marketplace models or OHAs (Online Hotel Aggregators) having advantages, amidst more disadvantages.

Low risk for booking.,

Trivago found multiple hotel deals compare to other sites.

Extra information about hotel premises,photo gallery available on trivago.

10. Google

google hotel


As you know the google is the no.1 search engine that provides 99% accurate data. Google hotel search engine also very well developed by important is all features are integrated like Google Map and hotels which is very useful to find the relevant hotel for out choice. Google map shows the exact location of hotel and street overview, nearby sites seen as well.

Google Hotels are not that much known but it may very effective to give results of meta search for travel engine.



Hotwire helps you to book easy booking and save money.Deep ,discounts upto 60% off on booking.Some times you will get incredible deals on booking.So keep eye on it.

Since 2000, hotwire helping millions of people with great deals. Hotwire having a good relationship with a top luxury hotel chain and individual hotel. So sometimes get unsold inventory at a very low price like five-star hotels deals at low as three-star hotel prices or two-star hotel prices. With this saved money you can enjoy fancy meals, other activities, and games, and shopping in souvenirs or save for next trip with Hotwire.

24/7 helpline available.

Website and app is user friendly.

Best online booking sites for the hotels
Best online booking sites for the hotels

Bottom line : You can use any of the Best online booking sites for the hotels and make your journey safe and happy.

FAQ : Help counter for hotel booking

Best online booking sites for the it legit?

Yes,most of online booking sites for the hotels are legit and tested by Goolge search engines and having trust of millions of people globally.

Can we change the hotel booking dates?

Yes, you can change the hotel booking dates. Every hotel having their own cancellation policy. Before booking just go through the hotels terms and conditions for easy transactions.

How do I create an online hotel reservation?

There are plenty of online sites . Choose sites which are most trusted by millions of people . There are simple process for sign upi. You need your mobile no.,email account. Payment details need at the time of booking.

Which app is Best online booking sites for the hotels?

11 best hotel reservation sites. With this easier to find Find cheap hotels.

  • Kayak
  • Priceline
  • HotelsCombined
  • Expedia (which owns Travelocity and Orbitz)
  • Agoda
  • TripAdvisor
  • Trivago
  • Google
  • Hotwire

Which is the cheapest hotel booking site?

As such all are cheapest booking sites for hotels are the best online hotel booking site. But you don’t rely on one site. You have to go through the 3/4 sites for a discount on hotel booking.

Can I reserve a hotel without paying?

No. You have to make advance payment for hotel booking. If you do advance payment then only only hotels reserve your rooms according to you dates provided by you.

The only thing different hotels have different advance payment policy like some hotels need 5% advance or some 10% according to the choice of rooms -ordinary to luxury.

What does booking a hotel mean?

Booking a hotel means you pay in advance for the accommodation of your destination travel point. Once you pay in advance then no one can use these rooms. Advance booking is necessary for hassle-free traveling.

Is Hotels are safe for unmarried couples?

Yes, Hotels are safe for unmarried people,senior citizens and students. You have to produced your ID proof to hotel. Hotel staff take care of you.

Is it better to book directly with hotel?

Yes, it is always better to book directly from best online booking sites for the hotels.there is a chances of getting more deals and offers also.

Do hotels charge your debit card right away?

Yes,Hotel charge you debit card right away.they took money directly from your bank. If you excess paid hotels pay you back in you account after some specific period of time.

Can I pay cash for a hotel room?

No, normally hotels don’t take cash payment. They accept cheques,money order,debit card,credit card,visa,Paypal etc.Payment is done usually at the time of check-out.

Do hotels care if you have an extra person?

No, it is mandatory to inform hotel for no.of persons in advance. Accordingly hotels need to do arrangement of bed sheets,food etc.

Can you negotiate hotel room prices?

It depends. If desk is empty or your are going on off-season then you may negotiate the room price.

What happens if you leave a hotel without paying?

No, it is not allowed. The hotel may complain FIR against you. And hotels having your bank details or card details. They can take the bill amount directly from your account. But it is not at all advisable.

Why do hotels ask for a deposit?

Small deposit is the guarantee of booking. full amount is to be paid at the time of check-out.

Do hotels check ID?

Yes , at the time of booking and check-in hotels check your ID for security reason.

Can I have visitors in my hotel room?

Most of the hotels allowed visitors in hotel room but after valid ID and consent from you.

Can i book hotel and flight with same website?

Yes , you can booked. Sometimes you may get more deals on it.

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