International traveling-step by step guide

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International traveling

Proven Ways to affordable international traveling-step by step guide.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” ~ Saint Augustine. ..

Step by step guide for international traveling

What should I know before I travel?

11 Things to must Know Before doing international Traveling.

planning for international travling
  1. Right season: Always planned a long trip according to the right season. Take help of family and friends and google weather. Pre-plan the trip is most important because pre-planned always helps in discovering new nearby places and key cities. Pre-plan trips should be always flexible. Because sometimes you enjoy some places very well and kids need to stay more, or in an emergency, you need to change the dates of the trip.
  2. Follow the VISA rules: Different countries have different rules for visas, just follow them. Take a photo or screenshots/scanned copy of all documents likes flight ticket, visa, hotel booking, etc
  3. Festivals: Don’t miss their local festivals. Take a deep drive in their festivals and enjoy it. Sometimes unexpected things happen and give more energy and enjoyment.
  4. Trust on locals: sometimes we will not get information on Google. So, trust on locals, maybe they will show you the hidden diamonds in the city and you can find out more solo travelers like you to help each other in a panic situation. Don’t hesitate to do the adventure. If you are a student or solo traveler, better go to a hostel and meet different people and make friends.
  5. Deals/Offers/Review: Find deals and offers on pre-booking.You get cheaper flight tickets and hotel bookings if you do pre-booking well in advance. Check the review before booking anything like a hotel, spa, or any sightseeing. Find out the best and legit apps for flight booking and hotel booking. Take advantage of student discounts in many places like ticket booking, transport, etc. It is worth taking a train pass according to the country spend much time in one place. We do not travel to each place frequently. So give enough time to one place. Million-dollar smiling. Yes, a smile on the face is very important to unknown places. If you talk with a smile with strangers, they will help you with the smile. 
  6. Use of public transport in the destination: If you want to enjoy a full ride, use public transport, behave like a local, and enjoy being a local.
  7. Use cycle: Cycle ride gives pleasure to the mind. If possible use the cycle for a short distance.
  8. Be a night owl: Sometimes you saw the mystery of bright light on a moonless night. Enjoy it.
  9. Bag pack according to weather: Google its destination weather and take clothes according to backpack. Cut down unnecessary clothes. Bag weight should be according to airline guidelines.
  10. Eat local food: Eating local food, enjoying their food, taste, and color. Even you will get fresh food. Money storage: Keep money in different bags and in different compartments for the safe side. Data roaming, mostly hotels and hostels have their WiFi connections then make sure to turn off your data roaming.
  11. Be happy: Don’t judge others’ travel trips. Enjoy yourself..

This is the way you can prepare yourself for traveling.

What should you not forget when traveling?

11 Things you should not forget while doing international traveling. (people always forget to pack)

do not forget while going for international traveling
  1. Reusable water bottles: You can fill up with water after a post-security check-up at the airport.
  2. Laundry bag: Normally luggage bags are tightly packed and your dirty sock or wet bathing clothes leaves dirt smell which spoils rest of your clean it’s better to have a small laundry bag to separate these clothes. a simple grocery bag also can be used as a laundry bag.
  3. First aid box: In your destination, first aid items can be more expensive. It’s always better to have a first aid box with bandages, creams, spray, etc. 
  4. Reusable shopping bags: reusable shopping bags are much thicker than disposable bags and can be used during shopping.
  5. Emergency snacks: There are tons of reasons to keep emergency snacks with you. May you arrive late at a hotel and no dinner/lunchtime over, or stuck in a train station,late-night connection flights cancelled. so you need to always keep emergency snacks like protein bars, nuts etc.
  6. Extra money card: If one card limit is over you can use the second one or if the first one gets blocked or spoils/damaged then also you can use the second one to avoid unnecessary run races in unknown places.
  7. Hand Sanitizer: Always use hand sanitiser to prevent illness. Destination to destination hygiene standards vary and soap water always may not be available, so for our safety keep hand sanitiser with you.
  8. Lip Balm: Maybe you are not using lip balm at home but it is necessary to keep your lips hydrated and smooth in any destination season.
  9. The second copy of travel documents: Always keep xerox copies (hard copy and soft copy) of passport, flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc in luggage also for the safety side.
  10. Stain removal: There are some chances of spoiling your dress while drinking coffee or food oil. You can keep stain removal wets and pens which is easily available in the market and even not taking much space also,
  11. Host Gift: If you are visiting your family or friends’ house, keep it in mind that you have to take the gift in advance according to their choice.

How can I boost my immune system before traveling?

11 Things to Know to boost your immune system before doing international traveling.

boost your immune system while doing international traveling

Those who are doing frequent traveling know about sudden illness in the plane and in the destination place that can ruin your trip.

Prior to one month you should build your immune system with the help of medical practitioners and exercise experts.

  1. Exercise: Regular exercise boosts your immune system very fast. You can do yoga or hit the gym.It rejuvenates your body and muscle cells. You look younger, fresh, and energetic.
  2. Sleep: Get enough sleep. Our body repairs the tissues in the deep sleep. Always do some meditation, yogic pranayama, or yoga Nidra before sleeping.
  3. Fruits and veggies: Normally kids don’t like to eat fruits and veggies. They like junk food all the time. But If you are planning to travel internationally you have to eat fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system.
  4. Supplements: Take the doctor’s advice about supplements. Sometimes in-plane or destination place we can not get fresh fruits then to maintain our body’s immune system we need to take supplements. Consult the doctor and understand the travel warnings and advisories.
  5. Vitamin packs: Consult the doctor and take vitamin packs with you like vitamin D, Vitamin c, magnesium, vitamin B12, and a multivitamin, etc.
  6. Three major vitamins: 1.Vitamin c plays an important role in boosting the immune system which includes fruits and veggies like oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, bell peppers, spinach, broccoli. As the body doesn’t store vitamin c , you have to intake daily. You can take supplements of vitamin c while traveling. 2. Vitamin B6 plays an important role in o supporting biochemical reactions in the body Vitamin B6-rich foods include salmon, tuna, chicken, and also found in green vegetables and chickpeas .3. Vitamin E plays an important role in the fight against any infection. Vitamin E includes nuts, seeds, and spinach.
  7. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water every day to stay hydrated.
  8. Vaccination: Vaccination mostly needed when you travel internationally. Ref. CDC’s website for the latest international travel health considerations.
  9. Wash your hands: Whenever you touch any public property like bathroom faucets and doors, railings, payment gadgets, sanitize your hands with sanitizers.
  10. Don’t smoke: Smoke affects your lungs directly. And it can be troublesome while traveling. Smoking is injurious to health.
  11. Oral health: maintain oral health before going international traveling. Tooth pain is the worst pain ever. That can spoil your trip.

How do I protect my passport when traveling?

11 Things to Know about Passport Before doing international traveling.

Know about Passport Before doing international traveling.

Passport is your identity. You are from which country,age everything is mentioned in the passport.It is a very important Government document.

Sometimes passports may be stolen or damaged and you are far away from a consulate then it’s a very terrifying situation to you. To avoid it all you have to take care of your passport.  You need a passport to enter or leave the country.

  1. Expiry date: Always check expiry date of passport.Many countries have restriction of expiry date (min 6 month prior).
  2. Passport card : It is the size of a credit card.While applying for a passport you can apply for a passport card.some countries like Canada can validate the passport cards.
  3. Scan copy: Always keep scans copied with you especially personal information and country stamps.
  4. Xerox copy: Take 3-4 sets of xerox copies .One keep with your family member at home and in different luggages.
  5. Passport Cover: Use passport cover if possible use RFID shield cover . so nobody can scan your QR code or steal your information.
  6. Anti-theft bags: There are lots of varieties available on market anti-theft money belts and wallets.,anti-theft travel purses ,travel bags,security day packs
  7. One person one passport: We have a habit of keeping all the passports in one place.But bags are stolen and all the passports get stolen . So,it’s better to have your own passport with you. Keep a children’s passport with you.
  8. Where to keep your passport when traveling : While traveling keep your passport in an anti-theft bag. After reaching your destination use the safe of hotel and carry a copy of the document with you.
  9. Passport on a Cruise: Many times you need to show your passport when going ashore .But don’t keep a passport on the outer side or backside of the bag or pant.
  10. Hide from immediate person: In some countries passport black market is strong. It is advisable to hide the passport in your body.There are some discrete travel underwears also available.
  11. Do hotels keep your passport?: Yes,some hotels keep your passport for their document verification. But it is not advisable to keep your passport leave on desk.After finishing their paperwork take your passport with you.

 Do’s and Don’t for international traveling.

11 Things to do’s and don’t  before doing international traveling

do’s and don’t  before doing international traveling
  1. Avoid getting sick on a plane: There is a flight bumpiness because you are flying with air current. This is normal. So you choose a seat between the plane’s wings or closer to the front side of the plane where the plane is stable most of the time. You can take anti-nausea, vomiting, dizziness tablets like Dramamine (consult your doctor)Avoid digital screens like laptops and mobiles and spicy food. Choose your seat strategically.
  2. Can you bring snacks on a plane?: according to TSA (Transport security administration) you need to follow 3-1-1 guidelines means In general most liquids, hand sanitizer gels up to 3-4 ounce bottles allowed in a zip-top bag. The TSA allows most food items like subway sandwiches, baby food, bread, candy, cereal, cheese, chocolate, coffee grounds, cooked meats, cookies, crackers, dried fruits, fresh eggs, meat, seafood, and vegetables, frozen foods, gravy, gum, honey, hummus, nuts, pizza, salt, sandwiches, and all sorts of dry snacks; even live lobsters are allowed in special clear, sealed, spill-proof containers. Toiletries like toothpaste, hairstyling gel, mouthwash, deodorants in the spray are subject to the 3-1-1 rule. they must be carried in a quart-sized bag.
  3. Can I bring a razor on a plane?: According to TSA ,safety razors like Gillette razors are allowed but razor blades or double-edged blades are banned.
  4. Can you bring food in Tupperware on a plane?: As such, there is no rule for what kind of plastic items allowed. Ref TSA RULES ON WHAT CAN I BRING? Avoid food that gives off a bad smell, gives you gas problems, and creates a mess.
  5. Can I bring water on a plane?: You can’t bring a water bottle through the security check, but you can bring an empty bottle. After checking you can fill a water bottle with a water fountain or can ask any restaurant to fill the water. This may save you few bucks as all food items are very costly at airports. But you have to follow the TSA 3-1-1 LIQUID RULE, only 3.4 ounces of liquid allowed.
  6. Find the Best online booking sites for the hotels in advance.
  7. Find the best cheap flight finder sites. Compare airfare with two-three legit sites to get better discounts.
  8. Different airlines have different rules for carry-on dimensions and weight. Find out dimensions before purchasing the luggage.
  9. Most important travel insurance. Get details about how many types of travel insurance are available and which is suitable to you. What is the coverage? Travel insurance is the safeguard your travel emergencies effortlessly.
  10. Passport and visa: Make sure passport and visa are up-to-date and follow the country’s rules and regulations.
  11. Credit cards: Choose credit cards wisely. There may be chances of frauds and misused credit cards normally happening in international traveling. Set two set authority passwords or change the passwords frequently. and secondly, take credit cards which are universally accepted. Go through the country’s restriction policy before purchasing credit cards.

Restrictions on international traveling.

11 Things to Know about international travel restrictions

international travel restrictions

1. Level 4: COVID-19 Very High

  2. Level 3: COVID-19 High

  3. Level 2: COVID-19 Moderate

  4. Level Unknown: COVID-19 Unknown

5. Learn more about current testing requirements for people flying to United States.​​​​

6 .Know When Not to Travel to Avoid Spreading COVID-19

7. Refer COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map

8. Latest update from us

9. Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for international travelers from Australian Government

10.Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for international travelers from Indian Government

11.Travel restrictions by country

travel is good for the soul

Why international traveling is important?

During school day or in college we are tend to do some traveling like school picnics,excursions, industrial visits etc. You ,ay had fun that time with friends, but in later age we didn’t find any company to travel. And for international traveling you need huge funds and all that.My suggestion is you can travel at any age only thing you need to do prepare yourself for traveling like health wise and fund wise.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."
– Saint Augustine

6 ways you will find why international traveling is so important.

  1. You’ll break the Comfort Zone: Our children’s are grown up comfort zone.Mom,dad and relatives take care of you.Everything you get in your hands. But if you travel internationally or goes for further studies in abroad, you have to manage yourself. This can be very troublesome in the beginning but once you figure out the solution ,you become smarter and complete independent individual. .
  2. Traveling boost your confidence:You may face much more obstacles in abroad like asking for medicals,milk ,grocery. Shopping style of other country is different from own country. We have to adapt their style of buying and selling.You can realized that YOU CAN DO IT. It boost the self esteem.
  3. Adoption of destination culture:You enjoy destination culture as much as you enjoy your own country.This will enhance the relationships with other people.
  4. We are internet savvy : You are very active in social media. We share our happiness moments with others.
“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

5. Language : We learn one additional foreign language. The beauty of learning new language ,adopt their culture is like live in heaven.

6.Lot’s of opportunities: Always opportunities are knocking the doors. Show your skills and enjoy the AHA moments of your life.

Do you agree with my thought regarding international traveling ?

Pls share your thoughts in comments below.


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